Join the Solar Power Revolution!

Solar energy systems can lower your energy costs while increasing the value of your home.
Homeowners across the nation are installing grid-tied photovoltaic solar power systems to lower or eliminate electric utility bills, and provide for a cleaner environment!

What Is Solar Power?

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Solar power is the conversion of sunlight to useable forms of energy, be it heat or electricity. Sun Provider specializes in utilizing photovoltaics to generate electricity. It is estimated that enough solar energy hits the earth in one single hour to power every electrical need on the planet for one full year! However, to be utilized, the raw energy from the sun must be captured and converted to electricity for practical uses such as cooling your home, cooking your food, lighting your office.

Solar Power Is Green!

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Solar power offers an endless supply of clean, safe, cost effective energy for your home or business. It’s more affordable, efficient, and reliable than ever. Most of the electricity generated in our country is from burning coal. The average home uses about 1000 kWh of electricity each month. It takes 1,040 lbs. of coal to generate that much electricity. This produces 2,160 lbs. of carbon dioxide, not counting the sulfur dioxide, coal ash, and other pollutants, altogether neglecting the environmental cost of mining and transportation. Electricty from solar photovoltaics is pollution free!

What Can I Expect from Sun Provider?

A site assessment of your home, business, or farm to determine your electrical needs and the best system to meet them. A solar energy system that is properly installed, reliable, and affordable. Access to a web based monitoring site so you can know how much energy your system is producing, how much money you are saving, and how much CO2 you are eliminating from the environment.