At SunProvider we have a passion for solar power! Our mission is to help people reap the benefits of Solar Electric Power system. The sun bathes our planet with enough energy to solve all of our energy needs. Until now, collecting that energy has been difficult. A Solar Electric Power system from SunProvider can gather a substantial portion of that energy and can provide for all of your electrical needs.

We specialize in grid-tied installations. This type of system is able to send excess power production to the electrical grid during peak sun hours. By producing more power than needed at peak times, the net effect can be a net zero consumption of electricity for the customer from the power company.

MelSunProvider is it’s people. The founders of Sun Provider are dedicated to spreading the benefits of Solar Power.

System Designer – Mel Barker has a background in engineering and construction management.

“I have long been interested in alternative power. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico finally motivated me to look for a career path that provides a solution to the problems of dirty power. The efficiencies have come into place to make solar electric a better alternative.”

TimInstallation Manager – Tim Kendrick has worked in social services and contracting. For some time now Tim has been concerned with the lack of a real sustainable energy policy for our country. He is happy to be working on a solution to our country’s oil and coal dependence by installing Solar Electric Power systems.

“The world has a limited supply of fossil fuels, and unless we want to continually fight for it, we need to work for home grown solutions. I can think of nothing better than harvesting energy from the Sun.”

Project Manager – Sara Woods has a degree in Architecture and worked constructing Earthships at her first job.

“I loved that a home could provide for all its power needs by enlightened design. As I moved to work in the field of Architecture, I gravitated toward Green Design, but eventually concluded that it is the existing building stock that consumes the vast majority of our nation’s energy, and therefore requires our greatest efforts. The first thing to do is weather proof and insulate our existing houses. I completely remodeled my 1920’s Bungalow which allowed me to strip off all the exterior siding and spray polyurethane foam insulation on the entire building envelope. I realize this isn’t an option for most people, so the investment in a Solar Electric Power system becomes the best option to lower one’s carbon footprint.”